This group of 21 websites work together as node that make up our multi-headed cloud application server. The Musicgroups Network represents many nodes that are connected to share designated information within our private network and to the web. Each site still remains unique with specific goals business plans and teams. These sites develop content, B2B directories and host businesses, bands and clubs.We are building our own markets and content for the network.

Think of these sites as functionality nodes for MG Network!

These sites are running on dedicated servers. Load balancing can be added and each node can be pushed into different cloud environments making this system highly scalable.

We are looking for partners and managers to help run sites we and are open to licensing the domains. Each of the 21 sites are ready to run businesses! Advertising on all 21 sites is available for extremely low rates.! Sales people are invited and everyone gets 50/50 on all ad sales revenue, every goal of this system if for our end users, developers and sales people earn the most from our network and revenue streams. This is 180 degree turn from the mega sites of today we need your help to make it happen!

While they are building islands, we are building bridges!

Darrin Nupuf - Musicgroups.com

balletsource.com filmdancers.com dancezones.com outkrumped.com
Vchoreographers.com Swirlingstars.com vdancer.com finestballet.com
clubguides.net clubin.net clubstour.com coolclubs.net
darkclubs.com justclubs.com
djuniverse.net vdjmix.com
mixitall.com mgring.com

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